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RV58 T and P Compensated Type

Name:RV58 T and P Compensated Type


RV58 series intelligent vortex flowmeters are divided into 3 basic types according to the application situation of the board. 

?Two line 24V DC; 4 ~ 20mA superposition Hart communication; pulse output;

?Temperature and pressure compensation, two line 24V D, 4 ~ 20mA superposition Hart communication, pulse output; 

?24V DC/3.6VDouble power supply, display instantaneous and cumulative flow.


?Simple structure, no moving part, reliable, durable with one echelon vortex generator; 

?Output is proportional with flow rate;

?The two pieces piezoelectric components are used to tests the vortex being not contact with the medium; 

?Liquid, gas and vapor could be measured by transmitters with same structure; 

?The mediums under all temp. and pres. could be measured; 

?The three lines show the instantaneous flow rate, the cumulative total amount, the third line frequency, the pressure, the temperature, the density, the current and the percentage. 

?4 ~ 20mA stack Hart output, pulse output; 

?Support two temperature calibration and two pressure calibration, temperature and pressure can be set as manual input or automatic acquisition

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